2022.6.6 Research

5/23-24 「Enzyme Engineering XXVI」にて発表を行います

bitBiome株式会社執行役員 先端技術開発部長の津田が米国テキサスで開催されるEnzyme Engineering XXVIでポスター発表を行います。現地参加される方は是非起こし下さい。

演題: Efficient enzyme discovery from complex environmental microbiota using microbial single-cell sequencing
発表者:bitBiome株式会社 執行役員 先端技術開発部 津田宗一郎 
日時: 2022年5月23-24日
Environmental microbiota is a vast untapped resource for novel biocatalysis enzymes. Shotgun metagenomic sequencing has been an effective tool to discover such enzymes from complex microbiotas, yet many challenges still remain especially for sequencing of diverse soil microbial genomes. We developed a microbial single-cell sequencing method, called bit-MAP®, where individual bacteria are isolated and their genomes are amplified in microfluidic gel capsules. 

We found this method could recover microbial genes from complex environmental microbiota, more than 30 times efficient compared to the shotgun metagenomic sequencing (See Figure 1 below). Using this method, we have been constructing a massive microbial gene database containing over 300 million genes, which will be expanded up to 800 million by the end of the year. Enzymes from our database (especially from environmental microbiota) often show low sequence identity with enzymes from public database (Figure 2). At the conference, we will show our initial results for characterizing novel transaminases mined from our microbial gene database.