2021.8.11 Research

Human Vaginal Microbiome Webinar by Prof. Fredricks from Fred Hutch is Now Available by illumina

bitBiome, Inc. in collaboration with illumina, celebrating World Microbiome Day (June 27th) this year shared human vaginal microbiome analysis use case with the microbial single-cell genomics platform through collaborative study with Prof. Fredricks at Fred Hutch Cancer Center.

Please take a look at: “The human vaginal microbiome and inflammation” on illumina’s website. (Scroll down and click on “Learn more” button)

Prof. Fredricks of Fred Hutch provides an overview of how his research in collaboration with bitBiome is providing insights and potential therapy for a common cause of vaginal inflammation, by utilizing metagenomics analysis as well as bitBiome’s proprietary single-cell genomics. 

bitBiome, Inc. has been busy sequencing genomic data of all microorganisms on the planet at the highest resolution to ‘renovate’ every industry. Using our unique single-cell genome analysis technology, bit-MAP®, we are capable of efficiently acquiring complete genome sequences of microorganisms that were previously impossible with existing technologies. We build a microbial genetic database that surpasses others in both quality and quantity to create an innovative data-driven bio-production platform in collaboration with industrial partners.