COMPANYMission & Vision


Unlock the Potential of Microbes

Microbes have enormous potential as untapped resources.

Currently, the market size of microbial-related products exceeds 10 trillion yen (approx. 95 billion USD),covering food, medical / pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, and supplements.
However, the number of microbial species discovered so far is said to be less than 0.001% of all microbial species existing on the earth.

bitBiome takes full advantage of the proprietary microbial single-cell genome analysis technology,bit-MAP®, to unravel the genomic blueprints of microorganisms and unlock the hidden potential.


Serve as a foundation to generate knowledge
and as a lever to create value

bitBiome is a research-driven biotech startup based on the bit-MAP® technology originating from Waseda University.

We will make every effort to build a foundation to generate new knowledge endlessly by creating unprecedented microbial genomic database on Earth.

We will deliver the great value of microbial resources to society through collaborations with industrial and academia partners.