Towards unparalleled value creation through collaborations

We acquire high-quality microbial genome data from various samples for flexible analysis through a wealth of experience in microbiome research.
With our bit-MAP® single-cell genome analysis technology, we enable next-generation microbiome analyses that uncover complex microbial functions.
We will deliver new knowledge for our partners and customers using our proprietary microbial genomic database.

Development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics

We identify yet-to-be-discovered bacteria and genetic mutations involved in clinical symptoms and drug metabolism using bit-MAP® and develop new diagnostic biomarkers and treatments with partners. Our typical collaborative projects are listed below.
Ref1: National Cancer Center Japan (Gut Microbiome)
Ref2: Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ. (Periodontal Disease)
Ref3: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Bacterial Vaginosis)
Ref4: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Colorectal Cancers)

bit-MAP®sequencing service

We’re providing novel Single Cell Genomics analysis service at the competitive cost, under USD45 per genome (SAG) at 384-well plate, and the deliverable report contains rich contents (e.g. 1. Raw Sequence Data 2. Quality of Draft Genome 3. Phylogenetic analysis 4. Taxonomy Identification of each draft genome). (Demo Data. Gut Microbiome)
bit-MAP® is applicable to a wide range of microbial samples, including human microbiome (e.g., gut, skin and oral) and environmental bacteria (e.g., soil and marine).
We are excited to support industrial researchers and deliver the value of this technology to society.

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