Achieve unparalleled value creation by unlocking the potential of microbes

Microbes are the earth’s richest, yet most underutilized resources. Their genetic functions are critical to develop new medicines and climate change solutions.
With our massive microbial genome database (MMGDB) built by bit-MAP® single-cell genomics we help clients address their big issues by uncovering novel microbial functions and improving them .

bitBiome’s Massive Microbial Genome Database (MMGDB)

Our proprietary Massive Microbial Genome Database (MMGDB) contains over 300 million microbe genes including unculturables and extremophiles. With this MMGDB, highly effective sequencing platform and a team of bioinformatics experts, we help you identify and optimize candidate genes.

Gene discovery at

The one and only
genome database

  • Over 300 million genes from single-cell bacteria genomes
  • Rich genetic diversity including unculturable bacteria and extremophile
  • Can discover unique enzymes with low homology to public DBs


  • Comprehensive bioinformatics support from
  • Shortlist candidate enzymes through bioinformatic and 3D structural analyses
  • In silico design-ofexperiments support for directed evolution


  • Significantly faster than standard methods using public database
  • Delivery timing(*)
  • Bioinformatics : ~1
  • Wet evaluation (**) report:
    ~6 months


  • Tailor-made support (dry & wet) based on your needs
  • Consult on the choice of candidate enzymes ahead of a full contract
  • Flexible forms of contracts

(*) Best effort basis
(**)After specifying evaluation scope and methods


Genes for Synthetic Biology

We boost your in Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle by turbocharging Design phase, shortlisting candidate genes through MMGDB search and bioinformatics.


We support your transition into green manufacturing from enzyme discovery, through wet evaluation to directed evolution.

Industrial enzymes

We help you discover enzyme candidates fit for your purpose.

bit-MAP®; Single cell genome analysis

Development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics

We identify yet-to-be-discovered bacteria and genetic mutations involved in clinical symptoms and drug metabolism using bit-MAP® and develop new diagnostic biomarkers and treatments with partners. Our typical collaborative projects are listed below.
Ref1: National Cancer Center Japan (Gut Microbiome)
Ref2: Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ. (Periodontal Disease)
Ref3: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Bacterial Vaginosis)
Ref4: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Colorectal Cancers)

bit-MAP®sequencing service

We’re providing novel Single Cell Genomics analysis service at the competitive cost, under USD45 per genome (SAG) at 384-well plate, and the deliverable report contains rich contents (e.g. 1. Raw Sequence Data 2. Quality of Draft Genome 3. Phylogenetic analysis 4. Taxonomy Identification of each draft genome). (Demo Data. Gut Microbiome)
bit-MAP® is applicable to a wide range of microbial samples, including human microbiome (e.g., gut, skin and oral) and environmental bacteria (e.g., soil and marine).
We are excited to support industrial researchers and deliver the value of this technology to society.

Please contact us for details.