2021.9.7 Research

Presentation on Sep. 11th at the 1stJCA-AACR Precision Cancer Medicine International Conference

bitBiome, Inc. is sponsoring at the 1stJCA-AACR Precision Cancer Medicine International Conference and hosting an online seminar as the sponsored session. The conference is co-organized by Japan Cancer Association and American Association for Cancer Research.

In this session, Dr. Yamashita from National Cancer Center Japan will be presenting updated data from SCRUM-Japan MONSTAR-SCREEN Project, one of the biggest cancer screening projects focusing this term on microbiome research. Also, he will be sharing the outcome of the collaboration effort with bitBiome, Inc. (*1), on further in-depth analysis of shotgun metagenomics and single-cell genomics to identify novel biomarker for cancer patients with immunotherapy. 

Details are below:

Date: 9/11 Sat. 19:40-20:10 (PDT); 9/12 Sun. 11:40-12:10 (JST)  
SS-4B: Fecal Microbiome Profiling in the SCRUM-Japan MONSTAR-SCREEN Project Reveals Novel Connections between Tumor and Gut Microbiota
Chair: Sunao Fujioka (Chief Business Officer, bitBiome, Inc.)
Speaker: Dr. Riu Yamashita (Translational Informatics, Exploratory Oncology Research & Clinical Trial Center, National Cancer Center)

Registration: here 

(*1) Collaborative Research Agreement: bitBiome and National Cancer Center on analysis of gut bacteria related to cancer

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