2022.4.1 Event

Our CEO will have a session at “Built with Biology” conference

Our CEO, Kimihiko Sato will be speaking at the “Spotlight Talk” session at Built With Biology, April 12-14, 2022 in Oakland, CA.

Title : Microbial Single-Cell Genomics to Massive Genome Database
Schedule: 10:45-10:50, 14th, April, 2022
Session description: A key to successful synbio R&D is to equip a wide variety of basic components (e.g. enzymes) for biosynthesis. Our proprietary genome database with over 300 million microbial genes, including from the unculturables and extremophiles, and unrivaled bioinformatics platform help you swiftly find candidate genes fit for your purpose. Come learn how bitBiome can unlock Earth’s untapped microbial resources to accelerate your R&D.

We will also have a booth at #20 during the conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

About bitBiome, Inc.
bitBiome will construct the world’s No.1 microbial genome database, in terms of quantity, quality, variety, and rarity, and will “renovate” the industrial structure through the application of microbial genes.