2021.7.12 Event

bitBiome Has Been Awarded at the Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards

bitBiome, Inc. has been selected as Innovation Showcase award at the 2021 Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards.

2021 Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards has come to the 11th annual program this year, co-organized by the Japan Society of Northern California and the Stanford University US–Asia Technology Management Center to select successful startup company each from Japan and U.S. and provide Emerging Leader Award.

Successful and growing startup companies in the past such as Dropbox, Mercari Inc., Preferred Networks Inc., and Tesla Motors Inc. won the awards or were selected as Innovation Showcase companies, which is why this award has been widely recognized as the stepping stone for the global success for startups. 

In the Innovation Showcase Award, the committee will select up to five exciting Japanese start-up companies that are incubating innovations with especially noteworthy potential, but that may not yet be well known in the Silicon Valley or U.S. business communities. From more than 100 startup candidates, selection will be conducted by the Steering Committee of the Innovation Awards program, consisted of 54 members from Japan/U.S. venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, corporate board of directors, and academia. 

It is an honor to announce that bitBiome has been selected as Innovation Showcase Award this year. In the past, successful Japanese startups such as Spiber, Astroscale, Cloudian, ABEJA, Whill, and TreasureData have won this award. 

Top management members from the Innovation Showcase Award will pitch their vision and stories around innovation at the conference on July 15th . From bitBiome, Kimihiko Sato, CEO, gave a presentation at the event. 

bitBiome, Inc. has been busy sequencing genomic data of all microorganisms on the planet at the highest resolution to ‘renovate’ every industry. Using our unique single-cell genome analysis technology, bit-MAP®, we are capable of efficiently acquiring complete genome sequences of microorganisms that were previously impossible with existing technologies. We build a microbial genetic database that surpasses others in both quality and quantity to create an innovative data-driven bio-production platform in collaboration with industrial partners. 

Japan-US Innovation Awards – Innovation Showcase
Japan-US Innovation Awards Symposium 2021 agenda