2020.8.24 Press

Collaborative Research Agreement:Comprehensive Analysis of Oral bacteria associated with periodontal disease

bitBiome, Inc. (Representative Director: Sunao Fujioka, “bitBiome”) and National University Corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University (President: Yujiro TANAKA , “TMDU”) have signed a collaborative research agreement on the comprehensive analysis of oral bacteria related to periodontal disease on August 7th, 2020.

This collaborative research will be conducted using Single-cell genomics analysis and shotgun metagenomics analysis of plaque-microbiome on periodontal disease with Professor Takanori IWATA and Assistant Professor Tsuyoshi SUDO from Faculty Dentistry, School of Dentistry, TMDU Hospital.

For single-cell genome analysis of bacterial flora in plaque, we utilize bitBiome’s genome analysis platform, bit-MAP®. Through this research, we will clarify the actual status of bacteria that cause periodontal disease from the genomic information of bacteria hiding in plaque, and investigate the characteristics of bacteria involved in the severity of the disease, etc.

It has been reported that periodontal bacteria not only destroy periodontal tissues due to chronic inflammation, but also increase the risk of various systemic diseases. P.gingivalis (P.g) and other Red Complex bacterial species are known to be abundant in periodontal disease affected areas, and differences in virulence and genetic variation among bacterial strains have been the focus of attention. However, it is difficult to analyze bacterial genome information rapidly, accurately, and comprehensively, and the details of strain characteristics related to pathological conditions have not been clarified.

In this study, comprehensive single-cell genome analysis of bacterial flora in plaques including P.g bacteria will be realized for the first time by using bit-MAP®, and more than several hundred bacterial genomes will be analyzed. We aim to identify novel strains and mutations within the same species that are associated with clinical symptoms, leading to the development of diagnostic biomarkers and new treatments for oral microflora.

【About bitBiome, Inc.】
bitBiome is a start-up company from Waseda University, founded in 2018.
Using the genome analysis technology bit-MAP™ developed by bitBiome, we provide the world’s only single cell genome analysis service for microorganisms.
This technology makes it possible to accurately decode the genomic information of microorganisms inhabiting any environment from just one cell. In particular, bit-MAP™ makes it possible to quickly and comprehensively acquire genomes of unknown microbes without the need for complicated, time-consuming isolation and culture required in conventional microbiome research, or the processing of complicated sequence data. Providing this technology as a next-generation microbiome analysis service, bitBiome is performing comprehensive ecosystem analyses of various microorganisms and detailed analyses of individual microorganisms, such as gut bacteria related to human diseases and soil bacteria related to plant growth and soil environment.
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